Class of 2019

Year joined the team: 2016

Sub-Teams: Mechanical

What are 2 fun facts about you?

My name is “Nerd” backwards and I got Toe Thumbs just like ya girl Megan Fox

Why did you join Trident Robotics?

Coming from a very small school (shout out to River Trail School) that didn’t really have any clubs, I was very curious my freshman year because of all the extracurriculars that this new big high school offered. I was overwhelmed by what I should join so I went off and tried every club that sparked interest in me. I put all these clubs in a lil “The Bachelor” process and Trident Robotics got that final rose. It was filled with different people, fun teachers/mentors, and looked like a great learning environment for engineers.

What is your favorite team memory (if applicable)?

Playing MoinCwaft and .io games with new and old members in the Summer of 2017.

What have you learned/hope to learn from being on the team?

Everything I know about engineering today is all because of Trident Robotics.

What is special about FIRST or what are you looking forward to this year in FIRST?

FIRST is special because it provides students a way to express their competitiveness through STEM. This program pushes their students to better themselves as people by encouraging community involvement.