Class of 2020

Year joined the team: 2017

Sub-Teams: Mechanical and Media

What are 2 fun facts about you?

I like to produce electronic music and make films.

Why did you join Trident Robotics?

I joined Trident Robotics to expand my knowledge on engineering and to get to know others who love engineering! It’s amazing to find all these people who have similar hobbies and to get to know them more.

What is your favorite team memory (if applicable)?

My favorite team memory has to be my time in a shark costume at the competition. I really enjoyed running around the area and having fun, meeting other team mascots, and dancing in front of a big crowd.

What have you learned/hope to learn from being on the team?

I learned a lot about mechanical and how fun it is to build a robot all from scrap. I really hope to learn more about programming now, as I moved to their sub-team, as well as show my talents on media!

What is special about FIRST or what are you looking forward to this year in FIRST?

One extremely special thing about FIRST to me is how much it prepares me for the real world. I always wanted to be an engineer, and FIRST introduced me to the things I need to get ready to do before I become one. Most of these things that I learned through FIRST I always thought I would learn in college or even after.