Class of 2019

Year joined the team: 2016-2017 (sophomore year)

Sub-Teams: Mechanical

What are 2 fun facts about you?

I’m on the varsity golf team and I want to be on the Disney Imagineering team.

Why did you join Trident Robotics?

To meet people who have an immense passion for engineering and to share that passion with others.

What is your favorite team memory (if applicable)?

Surrounding our (hopefully) finished robot in the hallway during bag and tag. After hours of blood, sweat, and tears, the team can come together and be proud of their accomplishments.

What have you learned/hope to learn from being on the team?

The importance of working with a team and the sheer amount of talent 30 some high schoolers can have when they collaborate and work together.

What is special about FIRST or what are you looking forward to this year in FIRST?

I’m looking forward to making my last year on Trident Robotics the best one yet. I’m so excited that the theme this year is space, as it has always been something I was interested in. Onward and upward!