Design and Fabrication:

After assessing the game and understanding its rules, mechanical was given the task to start designing mechanisms which would implement the strategies and concepts which we came up with as a team. Unlike previous seasons, our team decided early on that we should try to create as little unique components as possible and clustered together different functions. While we still broke off into different teams to address those varying functions, our robot can be split within its two objectives: climbing and cube manipulation. Dividing these within two factions of their own, we created four groups. Researching our tasks and beginning to create concepts, we found features from the real world, and past robots, which could achieve what we wanted. Subsequently after, we began creating CAD models and real life prototypes using scrap materials and VEXPro kits to prove that our designs would work physically as well and to confirm their general mechanics. At the end of week one, we have a very clear vision on what our robot will end up looking like and how viable our systems are.


Throughout our first week everything started from a bang, we went straight to brainstorming and thinking. Directly after our initial brainstorming we did what we normally do every build season, install software. One full day later we got to hit the ground running. We worked hard to have code running and prepared for later weeks. Multiple projects began during the week and there are more to come in later weeks. We began work on tracking and motor control, work on the projects will continue next week and we have our hopes layed high for this season of FIRST Power Up.

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