Rebound Rumble marked the beginning of Trident Robotics. 30 invited members formed the founding team. However, by the end of the build season, the team was dwindled down to 16 dedicated individuals. During this season, the team’s internal structure was inexistent. The members of the team had no specified positions such as mechanical or design. Instead, there was only a team leader, Brad Shearer. This lack of specialization and organization caused problems during the build season that surpassed the basic problems encountered by a rookie team. Lack of communication between members resulted in wasted time and resources.

Throughout the build process of the robot, many trials were faced causing for a widespread learning curve to develop. Even through the burned up Jaguars, faulty wiring, and general disarray of a rookie team, Trident Robotics successfully produced a working robot that competed in its first FRC regional competition in Milwaukee, WI.

Trident Robotics’ 2012 robot used a tank drive with high traction wheels powered by two CIM gear boxes, one on either side of our robot. The initial pickup system was a forklift, although due to sizing constraints, the forklift was changed to a bridge lowering mechanism. The shooter system was an angled shoot with two pneumatic wheels at the end which propelled the ball into the hoops. This season, the robot’s defense system consisted of a net wrapped around the frame which allowed the robot to block other robots from scoring balls into their alliances hoops.