The First Presbyterian Church was founded in June 1983. The First Presbyterian Church is a Protestant Christian denomination that believes that the gospel of Jesus Christ is able to connect and speak to all. The Church’s mission and vision states, “Be joyful people who inspire by sharing life in Christ.” The Church also works to inspire the youth of the community, new generations for leadership, and a culture of abundance. Furthermore, the Church’s main goal is to motivate, unite, recognize, and most importantly, inspire their congregation and the community. By doing so, the Church welcomes everyone to attend their worship services or just to volunteer.

4296’s Involvement

FRC Team 4296 has been volunteering in the Church’s food pantry regularly. The food that is donated to the Church is packaged by our team’s members and other volunteers. The goal of the food pantry is to provide healthy food to individuals or families that are in need. The Church has ensured that the food pantry is available to individuals of all race, sex, and ethnicity. In addition, the Church is able to educate locals and its members, of the local hunger issues and the programs that they could join in order to help out in the community. These volunteering opportunities are open to everyone who have an interest in helping the community, so please do join and help out.